HomeThe School Hostel is situated in the residential area. The complete Hostel is divided into five different Hostels for Boys and one Girls Hostel. There are around 75 students in each Hostel. A Hostel Master looks after the basic administration of his respective House.

Each Hostel has 2-seater, 4-seater and 8-seater rooms. Each student in his/her respective dorm is provided with a bed, an almirah, a study table and a chair. Generator power Backup is provided for Lights, fans and cold drinking water as and when required. Dorm-attendants look after the general cleanliness and laundry facilities of the boarders. Services of barber and cobbler are provided in the hostel on regular basis.

APS Beas Tapping Unconventional Sources of Energy : Taking a step towards ' Going Green', 'Solar Geysers' have been installed in the hostels so as to make the students comfortable and to save on energy.
Kitchen and Dining Facilities
HomeTwo well laid out dining halls with efficient mess staff, supervised by the Mess Supervisor, caters to the meals of the boarders. The state of the art kitchen is well equipped with modern gadgets including a baking unit. Meals are prepared keeping in mind hygiene and balanced nutritious diet to meet the requirement of children of all age groups. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is provided to the boarders as per their choice. Teachers on duty also have their meals in the dining hall along with the boarders to inculcate mess antiquate.
A Multi - facility, Ultra – modern Kitchen
: A State-of-the-art fully automatic 'Chapatti Making Machine' has been installed in the Mess Kitchen so as to maintain high standards of hygiene.
MI Room
HomeThe school has an MI room within the campus where medical aid is provided. A Resident Nursing Assistant attends to sick report and urgent cases are referred to Maharaj Sawan Singh Charitable Hospital, Beas.All students are subjected to a thorough medical checkup once a year. Backup medical support is also provided by MH Jalandhar.
National Cadet Corps (NCC).
HomeNCC is an indispensable part of the school curriculum for inculcating in the students values like discipline, resourcefulness, citizenship and patriotism. Proper training is provided to the cadets by the Army Personnel. The cadets are also taken for camps. Various competitions are also organized in order to help them to become well rounded personalities.
Supervised Study
HomeThere is a system of supervised study for duration of two hours in the afternoon/evening with a view to lay foundation for self study. The teaching staff is engaged to supervise these students during the afternoon/evening preps which are conducted five times a week. Special remedial classes are organized for weak students in the afternoons/zero periods. Apart from this, to provide additional coaching to board classes, summer and winter study camps are organized in consultation with students. Experts in their fields are also co-opted on required basis.
Games & Sports
HomeRegular games and physical training are compulsory for all students. The Eklavya Stadium is aesthetically laid out with six lane 400 meter track. There are four volleyball courts, two badminton courts, one tennis court, four basketball cemented courts, one football field, one hockey field, a cricket pitch and a gymnasium. The school also provides facilities for yoga and swimming. To bring out sportsmanship and competitiveness, our teams participate in inter school, zonal, regional and national level competitions. Opportunities are given to the children to develop an all round personality and become proficient in games and sports.
National Service Scheme (NSS)
It will be social work amidst studies for the Beasian students of class XI from the new session. The programme aims to inculcate social welfare in students and to provide service to society without bias, It provides oppourtunity to the students to take part in various govt led community service activities and programmes. Being an active member these students volunteers would have the exposure and experience to be an accomplished social ledger, an efficient administrator and a person who understands human nature. Social Service will now be a resume booster, especially for students planning to persue higher studies abroad. Special camping programmes will be conducted by NSS where volunteers will stay in adopted villages and work in areas like mass literacy and cleanliness. It will kindle a selfless spirit in the students.
Scouts & Guides
To make the students self-dependent and to instill discipline in them APS Beas in introducing Scouts and Guides for them. This will help to channelize their energy in a positive direction. The training will be taught to be more sensitive and help people who are in need of medical attention
Intach Heritage
HomeThe Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) was founded in 1984 in New Delhi with the vision to spearhead heritage awareness and conservation in India. Today INTACH is recognized as one of the world’s largest heritage organizations, with over 190 Chapters across the Country. In the past 31 years INTACH has pioneered the conservation and preservation of not just our natural and built heritage but intangible heritage as well. Headquartered in New Delhi, it operates through various divisions such as Architectural Heritage, Natural Heritage, Material Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Heritage Education and Communication Services (HECS), Crafts and Community Cell, Chapters, INTACH Heritage Academy, Heritage Tourism, Listing Cell and Library, Archives and Documentation Centre. Army Public School Beas, is a lifetime member of Intach Heritage.
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