Shooting Range

Shooting has been prevalentin in the indian society since the early days. However, these days shooting is a mainstream sport that earns you name, fame and a great career. With the students learning shooting at APS Beas they will be focused, driven have self discipline,understand honour and integrity, individual achievement and team work as well, how to set a goal, reach it and the reset higher. Equipped with the usual shooting paraphernalia and qualified instructors to oversee and train students, the facility with a range of 10 meters will be used as a training area to produce new world champions.

Art & Crafts Lab

Our students explore various traditional craft-based skills which are a part of the general curriculum. The School Art & Craft Lab is a place of extreme interest for the budding artists as they learn the nuances of drawing, paintings of various kinds, sketching, handicraft work like flower making, etc and have even won laurels for the school at the Naitonal level.


With a view to make physical fitness a way of life we here at APS Beas provide an opportunity to bring in behavioural changes from sedentary lifestyle to physically active way of day-to-day living. a great example of this passion for the latest and the best technology is our adoption of Technology equipment with which our gyms are being fitted right now.


There's nothing quite like the sound of a loosed arrow whistling through the air and hitting its target. So, to enhance the art of focusing, concentration, excelling in studies and pursuit of knowledge. APS Beas has introduced Archery an Olympic Sport, for its students. It will enable the students to have clarity of vision, precision and accuracy.

Science Laboratories
Home The school's has various Science labs. Like Physics, Chemistry Biology and Activity laboratories which are well-equipped and serve as valuable means of enhancing the teaching and learning of the sciences. Practical hands-on experiments are employed to enhance the process of learning and allow students the opportunity to experiment and learn. Being a core subject in the school's curriculum till class XII, sciences are taught to all pupils. Later, students can choose between the different disciplines offered according to their interests. Supervised evening Laboratory sessions allow interested students to undertake a considerable amount of personal project work.
Information Technology Labs
Home The IT is an integral part of the school's facilities. The centre is equipped with a network of PCs, internet facilities and used for specific Lessons in computer applications and CAL. Newer versions of Operating Systems are introduced & updated from time to time. Our IT labs. incorporates the latest in the field of software and hardware. The labs. provide a wide ranges of software covering the fields of word processing, spreadsheets, Databases, as well as more specialized areas such as web designing and others. Learning of computer science is a must at par with other compulsory subjects .
Mathematics Lab
Home Concerned at the increased number of students facing Maths Phobia, the school has Come out with a novel way of tackling this problem. Mathematics Laboratory enables the Students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and Theorems through a variety of practical activities using different materials and models.
Home The library with a seating capacity for 80 students & contains approximately 9000 books, 6 computers with internet facility and a wide range of magazines and newspapers. Pupils are shown how to use the library and its facilities in their first term and are encouraged to use it for recreational reading as well as for research and private study. There is a large collection of reference books in diverse disciplines: from pure sciences to forestry, environmental studies, astronomy, classics, comparative literature, drama, mythology, law, linguistics, medicine, and statistics. The leisure reading section covers the entire spectrum from the epics to best sellers. The Librarian offers assistance in retrieving information, identifying research strategies, and acquiring books not available on campus.
Language Lab
Home The school has well equipped language lab with the latest software for helping the young children to learn, improve and master English Language. The children are taught the language skills with the help of audio-visual aids, computer based software and. With the view to hone the language skills of the students and improve their proficiency in various languages they are given regular practice in the Language Lab in various skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Atal Tinkering Lab
Home We are proud to share with you that we are among the few schools to receive ATL grant and set up an innovative lab under the prestigious Atal Tinkering Laboratory , Niti Ayog Govt. Of India.
Computer Aided Lessons and VSAT Classes
Home Computer Aided Lessons are a regular feature of the school curriculum. V-SAT classes are organised for classes IX-XII where audio-video lessons are taught through online video where the students have one to one interaction with their colleague and experts in the fields like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
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