Principal's Message

The true essence of a school lies, not in its infrastructure of four walls but its overall purpose of imparting quality education which includes the art of shaping individual's personality through physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. The school, therefore, devotes itself assiduously in grooming of students in such a way that they excel in all walls of life, make a mark in every field of human activity and become proud citizens of the twenty first century not only infusing qualities of character, but also a capability to with stand the onslaught of modern day degeneration of values the true riches of this institution lie in producing gentle Beasians who are truthful and represent the school motto 'Truth is God'.
In addition to its curricular concerns, the school encourages student interests in arts and athletics, music and drama, politics, community service, and a host of other commitments. At the Army Public School Beas, academic life merges with countless other interests, and the result is a community where young people come to know and respect one another as colleagues and friends. The hallmark of finished products of this institution is an upright character, confidence, analytical mind and concerned for fellow beings. If you wish to schedule an appointment or if you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Laveena Rajput